Host Pave

Our partner Pave

Content, friendly and outgoing – this is your host Pave. The talent of being a host started as a young child. As Pave was born in 1990, his father already had his own village restaurant for 4 years. „I grew up in the gastronomy, after finishing school, I started to work in my parents` restaurant“. Additionally, Pave took instruction in barkeeping. At the age 21, his family decided to take their business to the coast of Croatia.

Eating makes you happy
In 2013 Pave was on his own: „I opened my first small restaurant, I served mainly pizza, pasta and barbecued meals, the rest is history,“ grins Pave. „I love food and I enjoy very much to meet people from other countries, learn about their cultures and discuss common interests,“ Pave says. „Eating makes you happy…. and while talking, everyone can learn from one another. When I hear that the guests enjoy my dishes and enquire more about them, that is for me success.“ 

Pag´s Specialities
Croatia cuisine has many specialities. They differ between the countryside and the coast. „Whoever is visiting Pag must try the cheese, lamb, fish and shellfish,“ recommends Pave. In his restaurant Zagi, less than 50m from Olive House, Pave serves fresh, good and delicious food: „We prepare lamb, veal or Calamare on the open fire, this is called „Peka.“ We also prepare vegetarian meals with rice and pasta and/or seafood.“ Pave laughs and says: „For those who want something new, I also prepare plates with various meats, fish and vegetable so you can try everything.“ 

„Happiness comes from within“, Pave
For this passionate host, quality and freshness are the basis for his cooking. Frozen foods are not on the plate. He obtains every day fresh vegetables from the regional farmers. He buys his meats at the butcher´s and fish from the fisher boat or local fish market daily. „Pljeskavica“, „Cevapcici“ and chopped meat for lasagne or spaghetti bolognese are freshly chopped for the pots and pans. „We love to cook. We love to make our guests happy, they should experience something new. After all, happiness comes from within“. Pave winks and then attends to his guests.

Dobar tek! „Peka“ makes you happy!